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Veneering Steel Doors

Some people say applying veneer to a steel door is feasible, but it's tricky. June 11, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I have a customer who wants to install 10 mil paperbacked veneer on a new steel flat panel entry door (interior side only). If this is possible or recommended, what adhesive won't react with the baked on primer?

Forum Responses
(Veneer Forum)
From Contributor K:
It is possible to put veneer on a steel door and the baked on primer as long as the surface is smooth. Any textured surface might interfere with the bond and has the potential for air bubbles. You could vacuum bag the door but that might be a pain. The easiest way to apply veneer to the door would be using a pressure sensitive adhesive backed 10mil veneer sheet. There are some things to consider while doing this. The main thing is that you want to make sure you apply enough pressure to every square inch of the surface of the veneered door. The only way to do this is by burnishing the veneer with a veneer scraper (homemade or store bought).

From contributor V:
You need to use the correct adhesive. I would probably scuff sand the primed surface as well to allow for better adhesion.